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No matter how sorry you feel for one person or how angry with another, friends and relatives must be left to settle their differences in their own way. It is good of you to want to help, but why waste your time? No one will thank you. That said, being an Earth sign, your emotions run deep. Be sure that they deserve it. No one has it in for you.

Be a little less suspicious and you may find that someone in a position of power is offering you a very good deal. There are no strings attached — it is just your imagination playing tricks on you.

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Other targets may seem easier or offer more financial rewards, but there is more to life than easy victories and material comfort. Do something that helps others — it will make you feel that your life is worthwhile. A more positive phase is just around the corner. Put any feelings of regret or remorse behind you. Seek out people who mean a lot to you, who you feel naturally in tune with. Together you can move mountains — if you feel that energetic.

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